Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week Highlights

The McAllister household has been rockin and rollin this week!!! This photograph is our intrepid explorer, ready for anything, with THREE light sabers.

Also, the pinewood derby was this week, and Caleb ran a car he likes to call "Fireball". He ended up about the middle of the pack. We enjoyed the race.

And another photo-op: Ethan came in hollering, "Look at how strong my grasshopper is, Dad!" He is really good at catching grasshoppers, it is one of his current favorite pass-times. (And Leslie hopes he will grow out of it soon.)

We held our first ever yard sale on Saturday. We made a whopping $64, and I got a sunburn. I also sold my piano. I bought one a week ago at another yard sale, because it had a softer sound than our old one. I really like the new one, and the old one has a good home at the neighbors :) Nathan and Jacob moved both of them yesterday.

My personal giggle of the week happened this morning. I was walking to church behind Miriam and Seth. They were holding hands and Miriam was waving a white handkerchief. I absentmindedly did some thinking out loud, and said, "I have a problem." and Miriam immediately turned around and offered me the handkerchief saying, "Here, Mom, use this to wipe the sweat."


Natalie said...

My boys are also catching way too many grasshoppers lately. Yesterday they caught one as we were riding the 4-wheeler home and they were so excited to throw it down on the road to see if it bounced.:) No little girl ever did that!! I love that Miri offered her handkerchief for the sweat!:)Getting all 7 children and one husband to deserve to have a problem...and a little sweat.

Karma said...

What a sweet girl you have! I think both my girls would be upset if I tried to use their handkerchief for my sweat, let alone offer it for that purpose!! We have the opposite bug issues at my house - Riley will catch any moving creature (she was catching mice at the ward camp out last year until I told her she was going to catch a disease). My son on the other hand prefers not to hold living objects! Prefer being used in this instance to infer great fear & revulsion :)

AO said...

I SO wish I would have known you guys were having a yard sale, and Collin and I would have come. I always want to go yard selling, but never make the time. We totally could have walked down the street :)