Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween (Quick, because Thanksgiving is upon us!)

Halloween was fun, as always.  This year it seemed to go on all weekend long!
 This is Seth and Ethan all dressed up for the annual children's party that the youth put on for them in our ward.  They are vampires of the most spooky sort.
Leslie and her friend Katie, all dressed up for the same party. Leslie was a fairy with a crown of flowers.

Also this year, we had a family party to celebrate. Cousins waiting for the signal to take care of those donuts!
The gruesome pumpkin line up.

Jake and Diana showing off their work.

They have a Jekyll and Hyde sort of pumpkin with two faces.  Diana was a good sport on Halloween.  She got more than she bargained for on this date!  Little brothers hovering around and a trip to the neighbor's to pick a whole apple tree!  All accomplished in costume. :)
This is the crew, ready to spoil the neighborhood for candy/parties.  Jake is a pac man ghost, Camille is a lovely princess, Leslie is a cat,  Ethan is a missionary, Seth is a lion, Miriam a cheerleader and Caleb a mad scientist. Dad is the ever faithful chaperon.  Just before he walked out the door, Seth abandoned his furry bits and told me he would just roar at people.  (hee, hee.)