Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Move Over

My new house is a place where me and my books can hang out under the trees. :) We made the long anticipated move in mid-March. We have enjoyed spring here with all the colors and new plants.
I spent a large part of April costuming a play that Miriam was in.  I had a great time getting to know the youth and making and gathering costumes.  The play was Shakespeare's As You Like It. (Sorry to those cut off by my questionable photography skills.)
I even had the chance to go to Shakespeare Showdown with them to help and see them put on the play there. Loved that.
Miriam turned 13 this year! Watch out world! Leslie also had a May birthday, (turned 19) but she is at BYU-I and her birthday photos are on facebook.
Ethan just turned 11! Can you believe it? Now the kid who always wanted to be part of a scout troop is! He goes to Camp Tracy with his troop next week.

Summer is in full swing, which for the last many years means that half the family is gone at any one time.  Camille is at camp this week and spent last week babysitting for her cute cousins. Caleb has attended the Big Event scout camp already and the two of them are involved in Trek preparations. Miriam spent a week in Heber with Paul and Nelda helping with little cousins and having fun with them. We miss having a crew around the table and are thinking about taking a leaf out of it, so we don't look so lonely!

I am trying to keep all my new plants watered and saying sweet things to my garden so it will grow. Also keep thinking about that new grandbaby that is on the way in only 8 short weeks! Wow!