Monday, March 30, 2009

Potty Talk

This is our Miriam. She is spunky and adorable. We are just beginning to understand her mischievious side. This was left on Nathan's pillow this weekend:
At least someone has the decency to apologize for such a heinous crime! :) While we are on the subject, we proudly present the newest contributing member of our household:

The toilet in this bathroom has been non-functional for over a year. We knew it was clogged, and tried snaking it, but it didn't help. Nathan wasn't too excited about dealing with it, so he turned the water off to it and left it for another time.
This weekend he put on his superhero suit and replaced the old toilet. After busting it open to see what had been the clogging culprit, we found a spring-loaded toilet paper holder had been flushed, and couldn't make it around all the bends. We chalk it up to Experiences We Wouldn't Have if We Didn't Have Children. Just think how good parenthood has been for Nathan's plumbing skills!

Weekend Happenings

The Ducks Are Back!!
Last year, we had a nesting pair of Mallards adopt our circle as home. They even laid an egg on my neighbors lawn, but she has 3 little boys, so the egg didn't last long. Still, we had a great time watching them, and the kids feed them all of my bread if I don't watch out. My favorite is when it rains and they go and stand with just their feet in the puddles in my gutter. At first, I thought the cats would bother them, but after the male Mallard showed them who was boss, it hasn't been a problem. :) This weekend, we are so excited to see they have honored us with their presence again. One sign of spring.
However, this is what it looked like here last night. Jake took this photo of the duck trail in the snow. Will spring ever stay?

Caleb turned 9 this weekend. This is him opening his new CD player, which he has been asking for since Christmas. He was pretty excited to see it was finally his. Of course, the kitchen became a dance floor and the party was under way. Everyone dancing around with cake in their hands. We all love you, Caleb! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago that it has been a kleenex frenzy around here, sickness and sadness combined with frustration and worry. We should probably buy stock. So, now I ask you, have any of you ever read the bottom of your Kleenex box? I don't usually. But in the proper mommy spirit of things, I have learned there is a box top on the bottom of the box, so this morning I went to retrieve it and found the following:

"Say goodbye to the stiff upper lip...Tell calm, cool and collected to take a hike. Whoop it up! Laugh, scream, cry and holler! And when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it proud! Show your heart and show some tears...of joy and sorrow, in awe and pride. Just let it out!"

You can even visit this trademarked site at Now, I happen to be a fan of the stiff upper lip, but if I even think about crying, my nose runs. I now know to blow it proud. And if you know anything about my particular family of noses, you'll watch out in Kansas, won't you? Next time Dorothy and Toto go for a tornado ride, you'll remember I am just obedient to my box.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ethan is Funny!

This is Ethan. I found this photo (obviously a self-portrait) while I was transferring photos to tell you about another silly Ethan trick.
This is Ethan on our front porch, holding a really big snowball that he made. At this point, I am in my kitchen, doing dishes. I keep hearing what I think is my cat growling at the neighbor's cat. The noise is really persistent, so I decided to investigate. This is what I found:

Ethan was biting off a chunk of snow, melting it in his mouth and gargling it! Ethan also has an imaginary friend. No name, just My Friend. Each week at family home evening, we have a time for family business. It is usually for calendar items and sharing information. Ethan always wants a turn, and it is generally an update on My Friend. This was last nights news. "Yesterday My Friend trained a worm!" (He does not know that the rest of us think this is funny. He maintains a serious look and nods his head solemly as if this is one of the world's great feats. Which it may be, as I don't think worms have brains :) I am so glad Ethan is part of our family!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Looking Back...

I've been thinking back over the week. Counting my blessings and my frustrations.
1) My vacuum is broken. I bought one to replace it from Walmart, but it was broken when I opened the box. So, I've ordered one I like better from Louisiana. Everyone knows vacuums from back East work best. Besides, it is red.
2) One of the children squeezed toothpaste all over one of my upholstered chairs in the basement. But, it is almost dry enough to scrape off now.
3) We almost have all the special recommends we need for the temple dedication on Sunday.
4) I did make a baby dress, but I haven't mailed it to the baby yet. (She won't be naked, so I guess that is alright.)
5) A little boy from the neighborhood came yesterday to play with my dress-up bucket. He put on a fluffy slip and announced that he was Zilda, a princess with long ears that look like elves. Zilda must be pretty good with a sword too.
6) My dishwasher parts came, and the dishwasher has been cleaning everything much better, Yea!
7) I had an e-mail from Lynetta which made my day.
8) I cried over Natalie's story about Oakley's diabetes and over the job hunt frustrations. What with colds and all this blubbering, it has been a big kleenex week.
9) Nathan has had work to do this week. It keeps him busy and happy. I am so glad.
10) I have been getting better by bits and stages. I appreciate my health more after that nasty flu.
11) St. Patrick's Day came and went. I didn't eat corned beef and cabbage, but I did make lime pie; the milk was green, and my friend Molly called to tell me about her yummy corned beef and cabbage. I'm so glad for friends who understand about cabbage.
12) Some days this week I have dressed my little boys in clean clothes for the day. But the best is that today, Ethan dressed himself. Sure his shirt is backwards and inside out, but I'm not saying anything but, "Good job, Ethan!"
13) Caleb is down with the cold now, but Seth is much better. And, if I take a count, we have just about all had it, so maybe we'll be done entirely soon.
14) The best is that it is Friday. I have a date lined up for tonight and I am grateful for the dollar theater on the next block.

It is funny how weeks go. Jacob is off to a camp this afternoon, so I will help him get out the door. I want to make handkerchiefs for the dedication, so I'll try to do that too. Meanwhile, the house is dirty, but you know, waiting on that vacuum.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Draper Temple Openhouse

On Tuesday we had tickets to attend the Draper Temple openhouse. This is how the crew looked before they left. I was sick with a fever, so Seth and I stayed home, and Daddy braved the excursion with the rest of the kids. They all came home excited about what they had seen. I am so grateful to have this opportunity for them! It comes again in only a few months with the new Oquirrh Hills Temple too.

Now we are looking forward to the dedication. It takes place on the 22nd of March and all of my baptized kids get to participate. When the Nauvoo temple was dedicated, Jacob hadn't been baptized yet, so this is a first for all of the kids. What a blessing to live in this age of temple building.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rock On, Dude!

Jacob has been playing with my camera all weekend, and this is my favorite photo of the bunch. You will notice the guitar has only one string, and it is broken. That will happen at concerts I am told.... Love you, Caleb.

Monday, March 2, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I am not sure why I love St. Patrick's Day, but I always have. As a child, I remember running in to mom and dad's room to try and pinch them while they were still in bed and hadn't had the chance to be wearin' o the green yet. My dad would always growl that he had green eyes, so we couldn't pinch him. :) Today I decorated. Which means I put out my beautiful dolls. My Grandma Joy made these years ago, and when they moved to their little apartment, these found their way into my house and heart. They are second only to my Christmas tree in favorite holiday decorations. The little lady has a music box that plays "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". I just thought I would share the green joy with everyone today!