Friday, March 20, 2009

Looking Back...

I've been thinking back over the week. Counting my blessings and my frustrations.
1) My vacuum is broken. I bought one to replace it from Walmart, but it was broken when I opened the box. So, I've ordered one I like better from Louisiana. Everyone knows vacuums from back East work best. Besides, it is red.
2) One of the children squeezed toothpaste all over one of my upholstered chairs in the basement. But, it is almost dry enough to scrape off now.
3) We almost have all the special recommends we need for the temple dedication on Sunday.
4) I did make a baby dress, but I haven't mailed it to the baby yet. (She won't be naked, so I guess that is alright.)
5) A little boy from the neighborhood came yesterday to play with my dress-up bucket. He put on a fluffy slip and announced that he was Zilda, a princess with long ears that look like elves. Zilda must be pretty good with a sword too.
6) My dishwasher parts came, and the dishwasher has been cleaning everything much better, Yea!
7) I had an e-mail from Lynetta which made my day.
8) I cried over Natalie's story about Oakley's diabetes and over the job hunt frustrations. What with colds and all this blubbering, it has been a big kleenex week.
9) Nathan has had work to do this week. It keeps him busy and happy. I am so glad.
10) I have been getting better by bits and stages. I appreciate my health more after that nasty flu.
11) St. Patrick's Day came and went. I didn't eat corned beef and cabbage, but I did make lime pie; the milk was green, and my friend Molly called to tell me about her yummy corned beef and cabbage. I'm so glad for friends who understand about cabbage.
12) Some days this week I have dressed my little boys in clean clothes for the day. But the best is that today, Ethan dressed himself. Sure his shirt is backwards and inside out, but I'm not saying anything but, "Good job, Ethan!"
13) Caleb is down with the cold now, but Seth is much better. And, if I take a count, we have just about all had it, so maybe we'll be done entirely soon.
14) The best is that it is Friday. I have a date lined up for tonight and I am grateful for the dollar theater on the next block.

It is funny how weeks go. Jacob is off to a camp this afternoon, so I will help him get out the door. I want to make handkerchiefs for the dedication, so I'll try to do that too. Meanwhile, the house is dirty, but you know, waiting on that vacuum.


Becky said...

I would say that I am a rotten friend for not knowing you were so sick, but I am sick and you dont' know and you are a GREAT friend!
I love having that look at your week. great REAL life! of coarse you need a new RED vacuum! mine is orange, love it! it makes you vacuum more, at least for a couple weeks.

Nanette said...

Wow! You have an awful lot on your plate. You are an amazing woman and mother!!! I would have left the shirt backwards and inside out as well-its a trophy of sorts.
Hooray for the new vacuumme!
Tonight is date night for us as well. I sure wish we had a dollar theater!!! I will be eating cheap chinese food and thinking of you though! Have fun!

Arnica said...

Jenny, enjoyed our visit this afternoon on the phone. Just wanted to tell you that Natalie's story made me baul as well. I love that you were counting blessings. I think if I did that more often I would appreciate what I have a lot more. Love you sis.

Natalie said...

I don't really have a comment...I just love havin' ya as my big sis!! You never cease to amaze me!