Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Happenings

The Ducks Are Back!!
Last year, we had a nesting pair of Mallards adopt our circle as home. They even laid an egg on my neighbors lawn, but she has 3 little boys, so the egg didn't last long. Still, we had a great time watching them, and the kids feed them all of my bread if I don't watch out. My favorite is when it rains and they go and stand with just their feet in the puddles in my gutter. At first, I thought the cats would bother them, but after the male Mallard showed them who was boss, it hasn't been a problem. :) This weekend, we are so excited to see they have honored us with their presence again. One sign of spring.
However, this is what it looked like here last night. Jake took this photo of the duck trail in the snow. Will spring ever stay?

Caleb turned 9 this weekend. This is him opening his new CD player, which he has been asking for since Christmas. He was pretty excited to see it was finally his. Of course, the kitchen became a dance floor and the party was under way. Everyone dancing around with cake in their hands. We all love you, Caleb! Happy Birthday!


Nanette said...

I hate this time of year because Spring teases us so. We don't have any ducks but we do have about 8 turkeys that believe our yard belongs to them. (I would rather have the ducks-they are prettier and less distructive.)
Happy birthday little DJ!
What fun!

Becky said...

do you think the little egg would survive your either? they chose as wisely as they could last year choosing just 3 boys!
snow snow go away!
and happy birthday- glad to see them all dancing and having fun,...well, not jake, he is looking too cool to dance (for a picture)!