Wednesday, September 22, 2010


While Jake was gone this summer, I was in his room for something and noticed his year goals posted on the wall.  Goal #1 for 2010 was to "Sweet talk Dad into getting a dog."  I showed it to Nathan and we both had a smile.  But, after some communication, the thing is done.  Sweet talking worked and we are the new proud owners of a springer spaniel we found at the humane society.   We didn't think we would find a dog so soon!  But after spending a couple of hours with this sweetheart, we had to have him.
His name is Rex and he is about 11 months old.  He has some doggie manners to learn, but Jake's big desire is to train this dog, and so far, he is doing well.  Rex has a bunch of energy, but is calm around children and new people, no watch dog here, (well, he might lick you silly). We just feel very fortunate and excited.

I know this isn't a good picture with the flash, but if you can see the smiles on these faces, you know it was worth it. Welcome, hairy hound!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The children and I spent Labor Day at Jake's home away from home: Mill Creek Canyon. (Seriously, the guy knows it like his hand!)
The weather was gorgeous and the kids played and hiked and we ate a picnic lunch.
Playing in the creek.
Seth--This is his "office".  His name for this spot.  He spent a great deal of time playing with sticks here.
Jacob took Caleb and Ethan on quite the hike, a mile in, build a survival shelter, a mile out.  They were pooped!  And happy.  So often these go together with boys, wear them out and they are fulfilled.
We also had family here for a visit on Saturday and Sunday, Nathan's mom, my parents and Ryan and Natalie's family were here as Jacob was ordained a priest. This is a pleasant lunch with cousins!!! Cousins are one of our favorite things!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Genius

Last week my microwave died.  Are you kidding me?  We cannot afford to replace my under the counter one right now, so I entered a plea on my local freecycle.  I had a call that same day, saying yes, there was a microwave available, come and get it.  I had quite the time finding the house.  It was on a road called Shooting Star Ave.   I found Galaxy Drive, and Comet Way, so I was sure I was warm, but no.  An hour later, I am still hunting for the shooting star and have to stop by a gym and ask for a phone book to look it up.  (All the while thinking how stupid I was to not have looked it up before I left home....) Finally, among streets with names like Thornbird lane and Elm street, I found the Shooting Star and headed back home, where I knew I was missing Caleb's end of summer pack meeting... 

The man that carried the microwave to my car told me it was easily as old as he was.  He looked about 28.  I told this to Leslie as pack meeting was wrapping up, and her first question was, "Is it wood-paneled?"  Yes.  Home to un-pack our free microwave and give it a home on the counter, we find it has a name.  Look closely:
The Genius.  It has become a new household joke.  Going to heat this up in "The Genius".   I love this quirky old thing for coming to save the day.  I love zapping and nuking my food.  It is fun when the blessings come with a bit of humor thrown in.