Thursday, January 15, 2009


Some bad news today. Nathan was laid off from his job with Batten and Shaw and we are busy looking for new employment. It is a blow, but we have already recognized the Lord's hand in our lives to help us prepare for this. We trust He will continue to take care of us.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Leslie took this video of Miriam and Ethan in the snow. We have giggled over it and thought we would share.

Christmas 2008

Dad and Caleb help Seth bust his drill out of its plastic prison. Wearing their Christmas attire. :)
Christmas morning commotion! Lots of happy paper tearing. This is Ethan opening his new quilt.
Our annual Christmas Eve pageant. My favorite is the shepherd and angel in the background. Ethan wanted head gear, as everyone else was sporting some, so he has a washcloth on his head.

Jacob is modeling some pretty fancy ski goggles and snowflakes.

We have had a great time hanging out at home with everyone! Ethan and Seth are glad to have their brothers and sisters home for vacation.

This is Camille, ready for her Christmas concert. She plays the trumpet.