Saturday, April 30, 2011

Track Meet

This is Camille and her friend Chelsea at the final track meet this year.  Leslie, Nathan and I were there to be supportive.  We are a suspect group.  If you look closely, you might experience an Elvis Sighting.

Camille learned after the race that she gets to go to the district meet, as she is one of only two competitors in the 400 meters from her school. Run, girl!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Founder's Day 2011

Founder's Day is here again!  This year our theme was Joe Vesus the Volcano.  Leslie and Camille both drew some pictures to celebrate:

 And we decorated the house.  Then we took the kids swimming, in honor of Joe spending a good deal of his movie at sea.
Dinner included very large orange sodas.
And after the swimming and the food, we found that we were all pretty tired out!  So we watched the movie and ate yummy banana carmel desserts.

Nineteen years!  Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Conference Weekend

 Early in April we made a trip to Idaho to see my parents.  Conference is always so fun when we are together!  Some cute pictures of the kids:
This is Sunday morning session, Grandma put down little pillows for the grandkids to sit on,
And gave them each a lollipop.  Smart grandma!  Did I mention, it was so good to be together?!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Art Show

Camille and Leslie both have art in the show at their jr. high.  And they both have ribbons on some of them!  Wow!  What I want to know is how did this mother who cannot draw a decent stick figure, get so many talented artists?  I don't know how to help them, they get no where with me, but I do try to keep supplies in the house....that's it, all I got.  Anyway, here are the latest masterpieces:
Camille's Mask.  I just have to say that this really deserved 1st place, it was such a complete treatment!

I believe this assignment was called a tessellation. Also by Camille. (She refers to this as Buff Birds)

Twittering machine.

This finishes Camille's entries. 
Here are Leslie's:

Leslie's metal embossing (tin head, as it is known around here).  Nice work, sis!
This complimentary yellow and purple paper globe is Leslie's too.
Leslie's final entry is an Aboriginal dot painting.