Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Art Show

Camille and Leslie both have art in the show at their jr. high.  And they both have ribbons on some of them!  Wow!  What I want to know is how did this mother who cannot draw a decent stick figure, get so many talented artists?  I don't know how to help them, they get no where with me, but I do try to keep supplies in the house....that's it, all I got.  Anyway, here are the latest masterpieces:
Camille's Mask.  I just have to say that this really deserved 1st place, it was such a complete treatment!

I believe this assignment was called a tessellation. Also by Camille. (She refers to this as Buff Birds)

Twittering machine.

This finishes Camille's entries. 
Here are Leslie's:

Leslie's metal embossing (tin head, as it is known around here).  Nice work, sis!
This complimentary yellow and purple paper globe is Leslie's too.
Leslie's final entry is an Aboriginal dot painting.


Leslie McAllister said...


Wendy said...

Great job Leslie and Camille!

AO said...

Hello wow..... I am wondering if I can "commission" them to do something for Collin's room.... ??? Seriously... ask either of them if they are interested..... and I can give them dimensions and color schemes.

Leslie McAllister said...

Alisa, ANYTIME! Thanks everybody!