Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone is Growing Up.

Today I am sitting down to document some milestones.  Jacob has been hard at work for a few intense weeks at a commercial driving school and now has his license!  He is pretty stinkin' excited. 

Camille has been practicing with the track team and runs in her first track meet today.  She is running some distance races, she has the long legs for it!

Caleb has earned his Webelos and Arrow of Light and has his first activity as an eleven year old scout today, a five mile hike and compass course!  Wa-hoo! (I love scouting!)

March has been so stressful that I'm not sad to see it go.  Survived it. Yes.

Soccer is starting for Caleb, Ethan and Miriam and will run until June, so no rest for the weary. :)


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I am so sorry that March was stressful but some wonderful milestones!!!