Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

We have not fallen off the face of the planet, just off the part of the planet's face which is the internet.  Here are some photos to fill you in on the last few weeks.
Ethan and Seth boasting some soap bubble beards.  These are a tradition at our house, made legendary when Caleb brought home a Level 2 note (one that must come home and be signed by parents for breaking school rules) which read: Caleb came out of the bathroom with a soap bubble beard.  It had the opposite effect than they hoped for, we laughed our heads off that this was a Level 2 offense.
This picture holds a soft spot for me.  Caleb having his first lesson in tying his own tie, from Dad and Jacob.  I love the uniform of the priesthood and my boys learning to wear it.

We had a fun visit from our good friends the Medleys.  A likely group--they played and played together.
Seth wore this cute leprachaun hat home from preschool.  Happy St. Patrick's day!  In other news, the winds of change are constant and we have, for many reasons, decided to bring Caleb and Ethan home to do their schooling here for a time.  Wish us luck in this new, exciting challenge.


The Land of the Blue Flower said...

"gasp" a level 2. the little rebel... shame on him for growing a beard so quickly. And in school too, how will you ever live with the embarrassment of having a boy fluffy facial hair?

goodness sakes. :) i am glad you are still alive and well.

Becky said...

always love hearing from you, love the soap bubbles--- can't the school think of more dangerous things to report on! John got one in 1st grade for pushing a girl down. I was appalled until they told me that the girl was biting him!!! yet, HE got in trouble!
good luck home schooling!

Natalie said...

I love the beard story (double ha ha) and love Seth's St. Patricks day outfit! Super cute!!

Karma said...

The picture of your men and their ties made my heart ache!! What a wonderful site!!