Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

This year we did it.  I always grumble about how much Valentine's cards cost for a kid to then bring them home, scatter them all over my floor and I throw them away for a week.  This year we made our own.  Leslie and I turned out the 100 + cards required for my elementary kids in about an hour.  We used the crazy non-descipt pinks and purples from my cardstock and had a fun time doing it.  I am not sure what the kids at school will think, but I'm not sure they will care.  Any way, saved some money, had some laughs.  Proof is in the pictures.

Other happenings from this weekend, Jacob built Rex a dog house.  We are glad to have it finished.  Rex likes it (phew) but so does someone else.

See the feet?  The really black ones?  Ethan took a nap with Rex in the doghouse yesterday.  Rex was in doggy heaven to have company at his new digs.  Mom was a bit disturbed, but boys will be boys. :)


kjjaco5 said...

Wow he did a good job! And YAY for the dress you made! AMAZING!

Karma said...

I think that is awesome!!! I am impressed you made 100 in an hour!!

Natalie said...

We actually recieved many homemade v-cards this year. I think my kids loved them even more than the store bought ones! Who knew!!
I LOVEY, LOVE, LOVE the boy with the black feet in the dog house! SUPER CUTE!! Jacob did a good job! I may have to have him build us one this summer for our "dang dog." Oh, except Ryan did mention the other day that the dog may be disappearing soon! Ha, ha! I only wish!!:)