Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camille's Birthday

Yes, we are a bit behind, but that is standard and shouldn't worry anybody.  Camille turned 13 at the end of January!  She is very excited to be joining the ranks of the teenagers. 
 Opening presents, always a hit. The toddler phone on the table next to her is her gift from Seth. :)
Too bad the photo is dark.  This is what Camille asked for for her birthday.  The request went some thing like this:  "Mom, what I really want for my birthday is a yellow flouncy dress." And was delivered about 48 hours before the birthday.  Usually the timing isn't a problem, I shop the day before or the day of the children's birthdays quite often, but this request was different.  In January, the stores do not have yellow flouncy dresses.  They have black, dreary leftovers that weren't special enough to be sold at Christmas time.  So Leslie and I went to JoAnns and found this fun yellow with white daisies with blue centers fabric and the gorgeous trim.  And I was sewing like crazy right up until time to actually sit down to dinner and open presents. Ugh. But she likes it.  Mission accomplished. Phew.  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


The Land of the Blue Flower said...

i love the dress!! and yes the fabric everything i imagined it would be. it is so pretty. and so is camille.

Becky said...

I love the flouncy dress! But, that giraffe print one looks like it is super cute too. I love seths present, I bet she even wanted a cell phone!

Natalie said...

Ok....I posted a comment, but I don't know if it worked, so if you already have a comment from me you DO NOT HAVE TO POST THIS ONE! I just think the yellow flouncy dress turned out super cute! Great sewing! Happy birthday Camille!

Karma said...

You are a wonderful mom!! Sewing machines make me hyperventilate!! What a beautiful girl - I see some of her mother in her face :)