Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Found It!

I knew I had a photo of Caleb's Halloween costume!  I just wasn't looking in the right places! Kip lives.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

We were looking good!  Wanna see?
Here I must state that I am devastated to not have a picture of Caleb in full costume!  I can't believe I don't! This is what he looked like, all week:
And the resemblance when he is all decked out is uncanny. I'm still scouring photos to see if I really don't have one....
Ethan found this gigantic sombrero and wanted to sport it for awhile.
Miriam is a cheerleader, behind her pumpkin.
Camille went out with friends in her Maid Marian costume, which she made by herself (the cloak and skirt) without any pattern.  The cloak has a hood too. Pretty cool.
Leslie made her costume too.  At Young Women's, the girls decorated witch hats and wore them to visit Gardener Village (a posh spot for witches this time of year.) Note the rat. eeeewww.

But when applied with an eye for fashion, she makes for a posh witch herself!

Dad's crew for trick or treating this year.  Seems it gets smaller and smaller as there are good friends that like to go together.  Sigh.  I guess we really do want them to grow up.... Seth's costume is called Leopard Cheetah.  He carried a small whittled spear and had me draw scratches down his face from his latest encounter with a saber tooth tiger. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Open Wide

Ethan and Seth were behind me in the room and forced their way through my attention barrier as the volume rose.  I heard Ethan saying, "Wider! Wider! Wider!"  I looked around to see he was staring into Seth's open mouth.  Every time the "Wider!" command would come, Seth would try to comply, not by opening his jaw wider, but by re-arranging his lips.  The effect was that his mouth would get smaller and smaller, so the command would sound again, "Wider!"

One of the things that come with being a mom for a long time is the patience to let them be happy noisily, if they are not injuring someone or something.  So I just carried on, more or less tuning out the boisterous oral examination, until there came a break in the constant yelling.  A silent pause, then I hear Ethan say, "I can see your gizzard."   

Tomorrow we'll talk about Halloween.