Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shish Boom Ba and La, La, La

This title reminds me of a Sandra Boynton book.  I am here to announce that Camille made the Eisenhower Jr. High cheer leading squad! Woot, Woot!  She has been working hard ever since to learn a dance, some cheers and some stunts for the end of the year assembly.
  Some of her great friends also made the team, so she has some wonderful girls to cheer with.  She is tall enough that they don't throw her. (I consider that a blessing.) But when they do stunts, she serves as a back spot--meaning that she is in charge of catching anyone they do drop...I'm pretty sure you can get hurt doing that too!  Anyway, Camille, I am proud of you!  Your bubbly personality was meant to help cheer people through life, so it makes sense that they would choose you. 
 Work hard and be happy!  Shish Boom Ba!

Now for the La, La, La:
That IS the organ from the famous Mormon Tabernacle behind my children in their Heralders choir!  This spring, the choir was invited to participate in the Salt Lake Choral Festival.  They have this at the tabernacle annually, and each year one children's choir is invited to participate--this year we had that honor.  Seth, Ethan, Miriam and Caleb are all on that stage.  They had the opportunity to hold 2 practices in the tabernacle and one performance.  Their show was 50 minutes of music and dancing featuring music from around the world and in several languages.  It was AWESOME! Photo opportunities were limited inside, so here is the very excited crew after they finished
They worked so hard for this opportunity.  Practices could have them standing on their feet and singing for up to two hours sometimes.  The extra work paid off, they did a great job.   So show us how you really feel to be done kids.
And, no performance is complete with out the self-proclaimed favorite groupies:
Now the choir has started music for their end of year performances which will be from the Lion King.  That should be fun too!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Banana-versary

Founder's Day 2012 was a big round number, Drrrrumroll Please!: Twenty years married!  We celebrated with the goofy-est party we could come up with, Going Bananas!
Leslie was the one clever enough to put it together and call it a banana-versary.  We decorated in yellow and invited every one to wear yellow.  The little boys got a bit carried away.
I bought yellow nail polish while I was buying the yellow decorations, thinking how much fun the girls would have with it....didn't occur to me that the boys would too! :)
Games were played. The favorite being fruit basket with a large pool noodle to beat each other with.
Smiles and contentment. And last, but not least: 
Dessert!  Happy Banana-versary!