Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Banana-versary

Founder's Day 2012 was a big round number, Drrrrumroll Please!: Twenty years married!  We celebrated with the goofy-est party we could come up with, Going Bananas!
Leslie was the one clever enough to put it together and call it a banana-versary.  We decorated in yellow and invited every one to wear yellow.  The little boys got a bit carried away.
I bought yellow nail polish while I was buying the yellow decorations, thinking how much fun the girls would have with it....didn't occur to me that the boys would too! :)
Games were played. The favorite being fruit basket with a large pool noodle to beat each other with.
Smiles and contentment. And last, but not least: 
Dessert!  Happy Banana-versary!


Becky said...

hmm, a little more fun than our 20th! (dave cut his finger off and we spent it at the hospital)
She is very clever with that "Banana-versary!!

ioiuiopupoi said...
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