Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer of My Discount Tent

I have spent more nights in a tent this summer than I have since I was about 15.  I am not complaining--I been having a great time camping, it is the sleeping part that is tricky!

First I went to youth conference with Leslie and Camille.  We had a great time, but I didn't take a single photo.  Not of them killing thistle for the camp ground as a service project, not of them touring downtown Salt Lake and meeting the church patriarch (who is over 100 years old), not even of them playing keep away in the water at Deer Creek reservoir.

My next camping took place in my sister's field for our Jacobson Family reunion--which was over the 4th of July and great fun!
We enjoyed spending time with our cousins, and visiting both sets of my grandparents.
There were water games.
Mostly the boys squirted the girls and the girls squirted the boys.  But Leslie loves the water so much, that if any one was squirting, she was in the middle of it. :)
We visited the Idaho Falls temple grounds and visitor center, where we ran into Sister Kinghorn, who was a  friend of my Great Grandma Josie.  She shared with our children a bit about my grandma.  Pretty sweet.
One of my favorite funny things from reunion was pulling into my sister's house and knowing I was in the right place because there were 5 other Suburban-type vehicles there.  We went around Idaho Falls that day like a presidential motorcade.  Here we are all parked at the temple.  My sister said there are 43 of us...takes a lot of seat belts to do that!

Now, I have returned from my last planned camp for the summer: Young Women's Camp.  I haven't been to camp since I was a young woman myself, so I was happy to go again!  We loaded my big suburban with all the bodies it could hold and traveled to Camp Hansen (near Tremonton) to participate in our stake camp.
We were so stinkin' excited!
This is meeting at the pavilion.  Our stake director is Wendy Wilson with the guitar.  She is a great favorite of my girls and it was so fun to have her in charge.
Can you spot Leslie?  I love this look on her!
And Camille waiting in line for pancakes.  We had a great time!  We visited Crystal Hot Springs and giggled over skits and talked into the night.  Going as a leader may even be more fun than going as a girl!

One thing I have decided though, is that when we have a job again, I would really like to buy a fat foam mattress so all the parts of camp are nice, even the sleeping.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Birthdays, Some Paint, Some Silliness

We are trying to get the house ready to sell.  We decided to do this on May 1--which is also Miriam's birthday.  Since then, my brain has been sucked by aliens and I am completely unreliable.  (Actually slept through a meeting this afternoon.  Sigh.)  But, we have had three birthdays in that time.  I did take photos and here they are.
Miriam designed her own cake: Red Velvet with purple frosting, accented with skittles and candied cherries. Oh, My!
Her favorite gift was this pretty fairy tea set.  (Mine too.  Secretly, we all want a fairy tea set.)
On May 24th, Leslie turned Sweet 16!!!
Her favorite present was this hat, which may have appeared in more perfect form in other photos, but as a mother, this is my photo of choice. :)
A bit of a surprise was thrown for Leslie by friends.  There were rootbeer floats and dancing on the lawn until late with the YMCA for fun. 
This is a great group of kids! I'm glad they are all friends.
We interrupt birthdays to bring you an awesome painting duo.  Both learned to paint trim and our basement has never looked better! (They painted each other just a teeny bit.)
On June 21st, Ethan turned 8!
Showing you his cool new mitt and transformer.  He is excited to be baptized soon.
And, Daddy bought some new Knex toys at a yard sale, and Seth created this frame. I just love what they framed. :)