Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Birthdays, Some Paint, Some Silliness

We are trying to get the house ready to sell.  We decided to do this on May 1--which is also Miriam's birthday.  Since then, my brain has been sucked by aliens and I am completely unreliable.  (Actually slept through a meeting this afternoon.  Sigh.)  But, we have had three birthdays in that time.  I did take photos and here they are.
Miriam designed her own cake: Red Velvet with purple frosting, accented with skittles and candied cherries. Oh, My!
Her favorite gift was this pretty fairy tea set.  (Mine too.  Secretly, we all want a fairy tea set.)
On May 24th, Leslie turned Sweet 16!!!
Her favorite present was this hat, which may have appeared in more perfect form in other photos, but as a mother, this is my photo of choice. :)
A bit of a surprise was thrown for Leslie by friends.  There were rootbeer floats and dancing on the lawn until late with the YMCA for fun. 
This is a great group of kids! I'm glad they are all friends.
We interrupt birthdays to bring you an awesome painting duo.  Both learned to paint trim and our basement has never looked better! (They painted each other just a teeny bit.)
On June 21st, Ethan turned 8!
Showing you his cool new mitt and transformer.  He is excited to be baptized soon.
And, Daddy bought some new Knex toys at a yard sale, and Seth created this frame. I just love what they framed. :)

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