Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Founder's Day 2011

Founder's Day is here again!  This year our theme was Joe Vesus the Volcano.  Leslie and Camille both drew some pictures to celebrate:

 And we decorated the house.  Then we took the kids swimming, in honor of Joe spending a good deal of his movie at sea.
Dinner included very large orange sodas.
And after the swimming and the food, we found that we were all pretty tired out!  So we watched the movie and ate yummy banana carmel desserts.

Nineteen years!  Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Natalie said...

So fun! I LOVE that you celebrate it with all the children! Super fun anniversary! I can't believe it is that many years!! AH!!! :)

Nanette said...

I SO enjoy your theme parties! Happy Anniversary!