Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago that it has been a kleenex frenzy around here, sickness and sadness combined with frustration and worry. We should probably buy stock. So, now I ask you, have any of you ever read the bottom of your Kleenex box? I don't usually. But in the proper mommy spirit of things, I have learned there is a box top on the bottom of the box, so this morning I went to retrieve it and found the following:

"Say goodbye to the stiff upper lip...Tell calm, cool and collected to take a hike. Whoop it up! Laugh, scream, cry and holler! And when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it proud! Show your heart and show some tears...of joy and sorrow, in awe and pride. Just let it out!"

You can even visit this trademarked site at Now, I happen to be a fan of the stiff upper lip, but if I even think about crying, my nose runs. I now know to blow it proud. And if you know anything about my particular family of noses, you'll watch out in Kansas, won't you? Next time Dorothy and Toto go for a tornado ride, you'll remember I am just obedient to my box.


Natalie said...

That made me laugh. I have cut many boxtops and never read the box...I am glad someone did and shared it with me. Love you!!

Nanette said...

How fantastic that you discovered this! I need to pay closer attention to things....Dad is in good spirits. Its the rest of us who struggle. Thank you for asking. I feel the love. :)

Becky said...

too funny, who would have thought to write a clever quip at the bottom....but i don't want to have to get there to read it! get rid of all sadness, stress, colds etc!