Thursday, March 12, 2009

Draper Temple Openhouse

On Tuesday we had tickets to attend the Draper Temple openhouse. This is how the crew looked before they left. I was sick with a fever, so Seth and I stayed home, and Daddy braved the excursion with the rest of the kids. They all came home excited about what they had seen. I am so grateful to have this opportunity for them! It comes again in only a few months with the new Oquirrh Hills Temple too.

Now we are looking forward to the dedication. It takes place on the 22nd of March and all of my baptized kids get to participate. When the Nauvoo temple was dedicated, Jacob hadn't been baptized yet, so this is a first for all of the kids. What a blessing to live in this age of temple building.


Natalie said...

I am sorry you had to miss it. When Ry and I were there we went and drove around the temple. It was beautiful - if we would have planned better we would have got tickets. I am glad you family got to go. My kids are still talking about the Rexburg openhouse.

Becky said...

how neat that they could go, we got to go to the twin falls one and it was great!
cute family!

Nanette said...

So sad that you weren't feeling well! How wonderful that your family had such a great time. We are looking forward to the Philly temple, I can't wait to have a temple only two hours away!!!