Sunday, August 16, 2009

New, New, New

Do you know I can change a diaper faster than my computer can upload my blog photos? And we are not talking dial up folks. It is one of my skills. Not sure what it is good for, but there you have it. The new things at our house are 1) New paint and 2) New color in my kitchen.
This is Nathan and Ethan painting on the new frosty lime green over the non-descript ugh pink.
I love the color, and Nathan's paint job is pretty much perfect, Thanks Honey! Thanks Ethan and Seth!
Leslie, blending into her surroundings.

The next new thing at our house is 3) a New pretty little grey kitten. I didn't know I needed a kitten when I woke up on Saturday morning, but one of the yard sales we went to had kittens. When we first saw them, there were 3 of them, all wrapped in a big black sweatshirt, being held in a bundle by their owner. Two black and one tiny grey face poking out between. Leslie and I were charmed, but we moved on. Or so I thought. We decided to go back and handle the kittens, to see if they were social and ask some questions. We both loved the grey kitten, so we held her first while we asked if they had been around children, if they had been outside, what kind of diet were they on, etc. During this conversation, I had put the grey kitten down and was holding her black sister. Leslie was standing poised to get the lady's phone number so we could go home, consult with the family and return. In the meantime, another lady and her son came and picked up the grey kitten. All I could think was, "You can't have my kitten!!!!" Happily the lady moved on, but I couldn't leave the kitten there. I was already in love. I put up the $5 and we drove home with her. Nathan doesn't love kitties, but he is humoring me.
She is super sweet tempered. The kids all love her, and she seems to be adjusting to our home well. My big old boy kitty is offended. I have to consult the professionals on advice to help them be friends. We'll see, but I hope they can get on, so she can watch him eat for us.

The kids have called her Mitten, I call her Mitsy, Baby, Lovebug. Who knew?


Nanette said...

Bobby promises me when we finally have our house I can have my cat...I have waited so long!!! It's been ten years at least since I have held my own kitty.
There simply are no substitutions for having a feline in the house.
I'm happy you found yours. :)

Karma said...

I love your new paint - how fun!! There is nothing like a new pet. I fell in love with our little Ollie at first sight. That is how we ended up with two dogs - I loved one and Scott thought his mother would love another one. He was right!

Becky said...

love your lime green, i would expect nothing dull for you...but i love leslies jacket more!
funny, as i was reading this, ellie came in and started begging me for a new cat, and she didn't see your post! she is a cute kitten, i guess if there are no more babies to cuddle you must move to a kitten!

Natalie said...

I love the green...did you mix yourself of end up purchasing it?? The kitty is very sweet...will this replace the dog idea? or are there maybe still plans for a dog?

Sabra said...

I haven't read your blog in a while. It was fun catching up.

I like the new paint! The kitten is cute.....kittens always are.