Thursday, August 27, 2009

I think I am ready to talk about it.

So, as many of you are experiencing, school started for us this week too. The kids went back Monday morning. Sunday night, this was our status:

Jacob was registered, but missed most of his orientation (arrived just in time to hear them say, "Go ahead and walk around the school.") and he was not registered for seminary, or at least we didn't know what his seminary status was.

Leslie was registered, but we had not yet received her schedule, so she was a bit stressed, not knowing which classes she would be going to, or in what order. This also meant she didn't have a locker.

Camille was sick with a fever, but determined not to miss the first day.

Caleb was registered, but this mom hadn't looked at the paperwork from his teacher in detail, and so, didn't have the multitude of specific school supplies on his list. Ugh!

Miriam was excited to go.

Ethan was still not registered for Kindergarten, also due to mom not catching all the details, we did take him in for his immunizations, but failed to have a physical exam paper signed by the doctor, and now the doctor was on vacation. Sigh.

Seth was just whiny.

Monday morning dawned ruthlessly. Jacob left at 7 a.m., and so did Leslie and I to track down her schedule. After minimal time in line, we had it in hand, and Leslie was off to French class. Mom ran to Walmart to finish the list for the elementary teachers, then home to pick up the kids and take them to Back to School Morning. May I just say that I already like the new principal, as she totally drew a blank in front of all the parents, and finally had to send us on our way without the last announcement, what ever it was. I love it when we are all human, and we are all ok with it.

Finally, to the office, where Ethan was registered without a hitch. The secretary telling me that they can't require the physical form anyway. Phew! And he is in Mrs. Sessions class! Miriam had her, and we just love her.

At 11:20 Jacob showed up to eat lunch at home and run back to school. HOW SWEET IS THAT! Better yet, Nathan drove over to the seminary building and dealt with that one so I didn't have to. Jacob will be going early morning, 6:10 Tues. Wed. Thurs.

The only other notable of the day, is Camille did make it through school, but returned home sick again.

We found out on Tuesday that she has salmonella. Her poor body just isn't fighting it off , but now we finally know what we are dealing with, she is on an antibiotic, and hopefully we will see her well soon.

We are constantly blessed so this big family can function, many times in spite of all our mistakes. I live each day, grateful for Heaven's kind intervention.


Nanette said...

This is me giving you a standing ovation.

Karma said...

I have a whole new respect for parents of large families!! My hat is off to you - you are my mother hero!!

Natalie said... exhaust me even reading this. I cannot believe you made a walmart trip on the first morning of school...that alone deserves a WAHOO!! I am so glad you found our what Camille's problem was. I have been worried about her. Hope the 2nd day was smooth sailing!:)

AO said...

Oh my goodness, do you need some tomatoes from our garden for solace? I just love your blog.... I don't read it often enough. Thanks for always making me laugh. We sure love your family!

Keri said...

I have been living in zombie mode since school started 2 months ago. you are giving me flashbacks. i am still twitching. LOL