Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bear Lake

We had a visit to Bear Lake yesterday and today with Nathan's brother and his family. They have vacation property there, and are so sweet to share an invitation with us each summer. I haven't been able to go for several years because of one child with illness or another. It was great to go again! What is lame is, I didn't take my camera!!! So you will have to trust that we dug big holes in the sand, buried Jacob and put a silly hat on him, and played on the wave runner. Jacob broke up with his girlfriend and has decided to not date until he is 16. Great decision, Jacob. He has seemed happy and relieved. I know his mother is. :)
The weather was gorgeous today, a bit windy yesterday, water chilly, as usual. So nice to see new scenery and do new things for a minute. So nice to have some time as a whole family before the kids go back to school. I am so grateful for two days making memories. Grateful for the drive up and down Logan canyon. Grateful for eyes to see it all. I am blessed.


Natalie said...

Jacob called to tell me about the break-up and I wahooed!! I don't know if he appreciated my wahoo, but it deserved a wahoo! I am glad he is having a change of heart about a few things in life that do matter. I am also SO GLAD that you got to go to Bear Lake...I guess that means Camille was feeling better - yay!

Nanette said...

Bear Lake is so much fun! It's wonderful you had a chance to go before the summer ended.
Way to go Jake! Fantastic decision!

Becky said...

girlfriend, you never mentioned you were having those issues! glad he made the decision! your pictures of bear lake were great! i laughed at the one of jacob!

Heather said...

WAY TO GO, JAKE!!! from oldest aunt, and you know I speak from the heart on this one!!! Trust me,you have plenty of time left and there are still plenty of beautiful girls who will love to date a man with such high standards. from aunt heathie