Monday, August 3, 2009

Rodeo Highlights

We spent our Friday night at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo in Preston, Idaho. We were there to watch my nephew Tyce compete in the Mutton Bustin'. I was asked yesterday what mutton bustin' is, so I'll explain: This event is for young children, most of them are about 4 years old. They fill the rodeo chutes with sheep, strap a bike helmet on the youngster, and put him or her on a sheep. There are two accepted forms of holding on to your sheep, one is to grab two handfuls of wool and hope, the other is to lean forward and try to get your little arms all the way around their neck. Either way, when they open the chute, it is just you and the mutton, and you never know what will happen. The rodeo announcer always names the sheep as they bust out of the chute. Tyce rode one they called Pepto Bismol. :) He rode for about three bounces and then bounced off. The winner of the mutton bustin' always gets a trophy that is taller than he/she is. I think this is one of the rules. Tyce received a belt buckle for his ride, and he was sure proud to show it afterwards.
I am a rodeo crazy. I love this stuff! I haven't been to one in years, so I was so excited to go, and That Famous Preston Night Rodeo draws some great talent to compete. It was Seth's first rodeo, but he was hooked from the introduction of the royalty. The cowgirls rode by with their sequined shirts and their tiara-decked cowgirl hats, and he was in to it. He especially liked the bulldogging (the steers with the horns were all "big ones") and the barrel racing. (More cowgirls.) We were sitting on the very top row, so he spent some time watching people go by under the bleachers behind us, and I know at least one cowgirl smiled and waved to him. :)
I think Nathan's favorite was when the rodeo clown and entourage sang the YMCA. :) Good times. Some women, when they get old, are going to wear purple. This woman, is going to follow the rodeo circuit. If my kids will live in towns with good rodeos, they can count on seeing me rodeo weekend. :)


Karma said...

Aaahhh - I LOVE a good rodeo!! I haven't been to one since Andi was a baby though!!! Craig was two at the time and he loved it! Little boys and rodeos are my favorite. Riley rode a sheep when she was 5 - she won! Now that I have been her mother for a few more years I realize that this is just normal. She is great at everything she tries - this is a fact and not just a fawning mother. Scott and I just shake our heads - maybe someday something will be hard for her!!
I bet it was great to spend time with Arnica!!! I am assuming Tyce is hers! Good times :)

Nanette said...

It has been ages since I've been to a rodeo! I lovey love love rodeos!!! If you follow the rodeo circuit in your golden years, then I shall be right behind you-wearing purple.

Becky said...

i was sure hoping to be in the red hat society with you, but i guess we can just meet at the rodeo!
so, seth has the hots for cowgirls! good times.