Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I stole this line from Snoopy, one of my heros. Sigh. (and this one.) I spent several days trying really hard not to be sick, so now I've made it worse, and I have to stay down for a few days. At least I have sweet family and friends that check on me, and bring my family food and clean up after them. (Thanks, Grandma!)

Our weekend to Idaho (me and 7 kids--always an adventure) was great. We enjoyed conference with my parents and Natalie, Arnica and Shane's families. It is so funny to have wall-to-wall children, TV blaring to drown out the buzz, conference bingo etc. It made me think back to conference at my grandparents as a child. I used to play the game to jump the peg into the holes and try to just end up with one. We were wall to wall back then too--what a blessing.

Mom and Dad are in the middle of the moving process and are digging through years worth of life to sift and sort and only save what will fit in their new, smaller home. Alot of that stuff belongs to their kids, so we tried to help. It is a little sad, to think of them in a new place, but exciting too. They have been painting and building shelves at the new house, and it looks fresh and expectant. Soon.

While I was there, I inherited my great grandmother, Josephine Murdock's jewelry box. It is a sweet box, but mostly because it is evident that her hands cared for it. It is painted creamy white and has oriental pictures on it, and only a few costume pieces inside. One entire compartment is dedicated to holding her curlers, metal style with a hinged clamp. Practical. Two of the compartments were sealed forever when she mended the box after the Teton Dam Flood caused water damage. My great grandma was a tall lady, and her watch is there, reminding me of her big hands. There are a couple of the brooches I always remember pinned to her sweater. There is nothing of worldly value here, but as I opened the box, and viewed its contents, I was reminded of a woman who had been content with what she had. Who had found joy despite a tiny income for the majority of her life. It brought back memories of her wide smile and big hugs. That was the precious part of the inheritance. To look into the shabby little box, and be given eyes to see the real "jewels" my great grandmother adorned herself with. May I emulate this in some small way. Thanks Grandma Josie, for the legacy.


Megan said...

what a treasure to receive and memories to possess. you are right, it is important to realize our true treasures.

where are your folks moving too? did your dad retire? it has been sooo long since i have seen them. say hello for me sometime.

p.s. i linked to your blog thru Arn's. i really enjoy reading it. hope you don't mind

Nanette said...

How wonderful you got Grandma Josie's box. I think it found the right home. :)
Sorry about the sickies-that is the worst!

Becky said...

sorry i am not there to bring you some soup, and to help you eat that pie!
i love family gettogethers! and what a treasure of memories you have!

Sparverius said...

How very cool to have such memories - and objects that bring those memories.

Natalie said...

:)....:( about sickness! Hope you are feeling better!

AmyJo Denise said...
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AmyJo Denise said...

I hope you are feeling better!!! we have had a lot of sickies at our house too. tis the season.

I truly think that items like the jewlery box are priceless. The items themselves may hold no value, but the memories connected to them are what makes them invaluable!