Saturday, October 31, 2009


It finally came!! The long awaited holiday of candy and costumes! We have had a carnival and a ward party to dress up for already, but it is the big night tonight and we pull out all the stops. :)

Miriam's 2nd grade class painted pumpkins to display at our local grocery store. Hers was a winning pumpkin, she was given a $5 gift certificate. This is the adorable girl, with her pumpkin.
Pumpkin carving at our house today. Caleb was trying to look like his, in case you hadn't noticed.

Camille and Leslie worked on this one together. It has shades.

The tall pumpkin was a joint effort by Seth and Jacob. Thanks for growing great, cool pumpkins, Grandpa Jake!

Here they come! Camille is a spy, Ethan is spider man, Miriam is a fairy princess, Leslie a hippie, Caleb is a hobo, Seth is Tigger, and Jacob is a chaperone this year. He, Ethan and Caleb went far and wide after the treats.


Nanette said...

You have good looking costumers there!
Great pumpkins-please tell me you saved the seeds and then baked them!

Natalie said...

Looks like a fun Halloween at the McAllisters this year!

AmyJo Denise said...

they all look so great!!! so much fun!!!

Karma said...

Cute kids!!!! Gotta love Halloween - hope you ate plenty of candy!! :)