Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News!

Nathan took my camera to use it for work, and I just barely got it back. Sorry for the delay. We have SUCH NEWS! Seth has finally done it! We are wearing our underwear and feeling so big!!! I am rejoicing. He still has a few accidents, but I cannot complain, because he is staying dry all night, he is doing all the poos in the potty and it is only the occcasional, "Oh, I forgot to stop playing and come tinkle" accidents. And they are the easiest to clean. So HOORAY!

I spent last week trying to restore some order to my house. It was so yucky! Mom shouldn't get sick, it isn't pretty. But now, I am down to 4 bathrooms that need some solid attention, and here I am, hiding out on my computer. :)

I can't get enough of the weather right now. It has been warm and nice here. Today it is gray, but what a nice backdrop for all the fall colors. I have tried several new recipes this week, but none of them have been very exciting, so I am posting an old standby today, that we love! It came from a neighbor of mine who grew up in New Orleans.

So, now I guess it is off to clean those potties.


Natalie said...

I only wish I had 4 bathrooms to complain about cleaning. This one bathroom thing is just not working for me anymore!!! I too am hiding from many messes at my computer.:)

Karma said...

Seth is sooooo cute!! Congrats on the potty training. This is a huge milestone for you also - no more children to potty train!!! I thought I had passed this milestone but I guess I not :) Bathrooms are my least favorite rooms to clean - we have three and I pawn them off on Riley as often as possible :)

Nanette said...

Hooray that you have 4 bathrooms! Sounds quite magical, even if you do have 4 potties to scrub.
Congrats on Seth's new achievement, that IS wonderful news!

Stephanie Bean said...

That's great that Seth is potty trained. I often wish that Mckenzie was old enough to potty train. I so hate changing diapers