Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Girl Stuff

Camille is our only girl at Achievement Day age right now. Tonight was the Mom and Daughter party. They had a Halloween theme. We ate bloodshot eyeballs (devilled eggs) and severed fingers (hot dogs, with a tortilla bandage wrapped around it) and yummy sandwiches. Then, the girls bobbed for apples and they had us do each others hair. This is what we looked like when we arrived at home.

Now for Miriam's great news! She lost one of her front teeth! She has been wiggling it for days.

Of course, the world's flakiest tooth fairy attends our house, so she woke up disappointed because that tooth fairy was delinquent. Sigh. I'm sure she will come around.


Nanette said...

You two look stunning!
Hey, tooth fairies are people too and are allowed to make mistakes here and there.

Karma said...

I love the hairdos!! You look great Jenny!! The tooth fairy has been known to be deliquent at my house on occassion :)

Becky said...

that is gorgeous hair!
everyone knows the tooth fairy takes TWO days. one to get the notification of a lost tooth, and schedule the trip, and the other to get there! just tell her thats how it is all around the world right now. its the economy. must be obama's fault. she'll understand!