Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

I have a stamp that says that. :) The weather is PERFECT!!! There are pears in my dehydrator, and I will be making my once-a-year pie today. It is a beautiful, delicious pie, but my husband and children don't appreciate it like they should, so I make it once a year, and eat it basically alone over the course of a couple of days. That is fine with me. I don't mind a bit. :) Pears and plums and grapes are my favorite fruits, all fall friends. Volleyball, football games, sweaters and pomegranates. Cool temperatures, interesting weather and all the trees putting on their favorite colors. Doughnuts and cider. What's not to love?

Seth is potty training right now.... Sigh. It is always a bit of a chore, but worth it in the end. I am just stoked that this is my LAST ONE! Come on, buddy! You can do it! I am hoping that the kids being home all weekend will help. A little positive peer pressure.

So, I want to take a vacation. Not one to go see something or do something, but one where I go away and do nothing. :) Or at least nothing that involves anyone else's opinions or needs. I want to read a book all the way through, and watch a movie without consulting anyone else's time table or tastes. I want to lay around under a tree in the gorgeous fall sunshine. Maybe I'll buy some pretty yarn and crochet an afgan. The funny thing about me and vacations is, I am happiest at home. Maybe what I really want is for my family to take a vacation and leave me here! :)

I am just grateful it is the first day of a long weekend. At least the school bell won't be one of my voices for a few days. Teachers, don't expect us to open the backpacks this weekend. It is just too nice outside to not savor the last of the weather! And it is women's conference this weekend! I have a ticket to go to the conference center. Wa-Hoo!

Nathan is getting his feet under him at work. It has been crazy, but what a blessing! He is over 4 projects now. There is a lot of work to be done! Another good thing to celebrate, so "Bring on the Pie!"


Nanette said...

You could always take a train trip across the country and come visit me. I have many trees to choose from and I'm only two hours away from Broadway and the Manhattan temple....its a good time....

Congrats on the ne diaper free world!

Natalie said...

I think it is probably possible to put all 7 children on the SLExpress and send them to my house. I would LOVE to keep them for you to have a much deserved vacation. I won't take the extra large husband...but it sounds like he is BUSY, BUSy so maybe he would leave you alone too!! Love you!! Oh, and I am not kiddin' about sending them here - the shuttle leaves like 5 times a day...just stick them on it this afternoon and they will be mine for the weekend.:)