Monday, September 14, 2009

Talent Show

One of our favorite annual traditions in this ward is the Primary Talent Show. It is always fun to see the children perform, and the audience is always so positive and cheers them on.
This year, Camille played "Sweet Hour of Prayer" on the piano.
She also acted as the MC for the show.
Ethan had a light saber duel with Justin, our neighbor.

Miriam sang the "Connected" song from Barbie Diamond Castle.
Caleb did a vegetable comedy act, in which he sawed off the arm of a volunteer from the audience with an oversized cucumber, but the photos didn't turn out and they may have been considered graphic material. :)

After the talent show, we went to the McAllsiter's house to celebrate Paul's birthday Nascar style. Complete with mullet wigs, which were, of course, the favorite things. :)

Paul and his mini self, Caleb.

Finally, meet Monstro. He is our garden giant, tipping the scale at over 1 lb. !!


Nanette said...

Love Monstro! Its good that I am so far away or I would steal him.

We only have five kids in our primary so no shows, thank you for sharing yours.

Natalie said...

Love the talent show pictures, and love Caleb's talent and love that you can grow 1 pounder tomatoes. Oh, and I forgot to the mullets!

Sparverius said...

I'm sorry I missed the talent show. I had a date with Mary Poppins that night. :)