Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catch a Wave

Last Saturday, I was sitting in my kitchen, having just finished a do-it-yourself assessment for depression. I was reading up on what my "borderline clinical" score meant, when water started to pour from one of the kitchen light fixtures. I hurtled up the stairs, yelling, and bust open the bathroom door to find Caleb, naked, standing in an inch of water and bubbles on the bathroom floor. He had given in to his inner Big Kahuna, and was making some waves. "Towels!", I yell, "Bring me towels!" "Turn off those lights!" Children rush to obey. (Wish I could bottle whatever it is that gets them to cooperate in emergencies, so I could spray it around once in a while.)

There were some frantic moments. We did get it all soaked up, and fans turned on to all the right spots. These things almost never happen when Nate is home. At this point, I decide to congratulate myself that my depression is only borderline clinical, and move on. :)

Nathan got a job on Wednesday. I applied for it last week. (Yes, truly.) They called for an interview on Tuesday, offered him the job Wednesday morning and he started work Wednesday afternoon! They thought he might want to get a bit familiar with the project before heading up the pre-construction meeting on Thursday! :) We feel like it is a miracle. We are just so grateful and blessed. Thanks for all the prayers in our behalf! I think it will help with the rash of depression too. :)

"So smile every mile, for wherever you roam, it will brighten your road, it will lighten your load, if you sing your way home."


Nanette said...

Congrats again on the job, it sounds perfect!

I didn't have water pouring through the ceiling but last week Murdock decided to potty train himself. He stripped down, arched his little back and piddled off the side of his crib. This is how I found him one morning...a great way to start the day.
Way to tackle the problem and save the day. :)

Karma said...

I am so happy for you and Nate!!!! What a blessing!! Gotta love little boys and the messes they manage to make with water :)!! Glad to hear you are only borderline depressed :)

Natalie said...

Why do all the emergencies happen when dad is no where to be found?? I am glad that you got the "wave" mess cleaned up!:) So glad about the job and hoping it does help with all the depression in your family!!

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

Well done Jenny. Way to handle that flood.

Becky said...

where do i take the test, and then is there a way to fix it while you still have kids at home????
so glad he got a job! now at least he will be out of your hair!!! :)

Sparverius said...

My Dr. recently started me on Celexa. I've never experienced depression before, so it took me a while to decide I needed a little chemical boost. It has worked wonders. I feel like myself again. It's been a while.

I'm glad Nate got that job you applied for. :) Go Jenny! And I think I might have just sat down and cried over that flood. Glad you had helping hands.