Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weak Stomachs, turn back NOW

Last night, Ethan and Seth had just settled into a lovely bubble bath. It was late, and they were tired. I had promised faithfully that I would be the one to wash their hair, as daddy splashes their faces. I had just wet Ethan's hair, and rubbed the shampoo in, when I look into the water and see, floating among the bubbles, what appears to be chunks of poo! "Everybody Up!" I said, pulling Ethan to his feet and opening the drain. I turned on my hand-held shower nozzle to do damage control, and the panic began. Ethan started to wail and Seth abandoned ship, running and slipping toward the door. Camille was able to head him off, as I showered the soap from Ethan's hair, the din increasing every second. After I cleaned them both and was drying them off, Ethan looked very sadly my way and said, "Thats the way dad does it!" Poor fellow.

As I dressed the little boys, Camille elaborated on the origin of the floating foreign matter. Apparently, last time we had chili for dinner, Ethan used it to fill the toy canteen and wore it about on his belt. We think the chili dried there (instead of molded, lets take a moment to count a blessing) and the canteen was abandoned in the tub. Therefore, Sherlock continues, the reconstituted chili must have been what we encountered. GROSS!! Just our happy thought for the day!


Nanette said...

That is hilarious! I worry about little brown suprises while I am bathing the boy. I know how to detect the hose going off-he gets the giggles. But the floating has no tell tales.
Glad it turned out to be just chili.
Great post!

The Jacobson Family said...

That made me laugh! So far we haven't had poop in the tub...but Carson sure gets a kick out of the "bubbles" that he makes every once in awhile.

Natalie said...

Chili...who would have thought. What trauma for the boys and their mom.

Sabra said...

That is SO funny! Your posts always make me smile or laugh!

Brandy said...

LOL! A dried chili "turd"...well it could have been worse!

Welcome to SITS!

Becky said...

oh your life is so much funnier than mine right now!