Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Egg dying is serious business at our house! Four dozen eggs only gives a few to each child, but it is about all I want to invest in.
Seth dyed one egg and then began to eat them. I boiled four dozen, we dyed most of them, but this morning there were only two dozen left.

Miriam was accused of taking all the stickers. :) Maybe there was something to that. Happy Easter everyone!


Nanette said...

Awesome! Miriam just knows what she likes. :) Sadly, we did not dye the eggs this year. I am really crossing my fingers for next year though!

Natalie said...

My kids are willing to dye the eggs, but not one of them will eat them. So, we usually have hard boiled eggs that get thrown out after a week of stinking in the fridge.