Saturday, April 25, 2009

Founder's Day 2009

Founder's Day festivities started in the afternoon, as the kids are all home early on Fridays! They made a chalk mural over my driveway and front sidewalk of Spongebob's home. When Nathan was able to join us, we went to the local swimming pool for some water play.:)

This is everyone ready for dinner. Chummy-jos (named by Leslie) with Cheetos, grape soda, and some pineapple (of course.)
Our original party plan was for outside, but the weather wasn't cooperative, so we played at the table. This is fingerpainting. We had a great time with it. It is always fun to get in touch with your inner child! The bowl on Caleb's head is supposed to be a Chum Bucket. After the finger painting, we sculpted sea creatures from play dough.
This is the part where we "Party 'til we're Purple"! Everyone fashioned their own Goofy Goober sundae. I love bein' purple!


Nanette said...

Super Fun! I wish I could have been there-I would like to be purple!

Natalie said...

It looks like all children had a blast and I never even thought twice about the bowl on Caleb's head. I saw the picture and thought it was very fitting of Caleb to have a bowl on his head before I even read what it was. Such fun founders day parties you have!!

AO said...

What a great idea. I read this post wondering what Founder's Day was, and then read further back and what a great, great idea :)

Becky said...

why didn't you make us have that tradition way back when we were all first married coming up with traditions! i thought you were my friend. you are so fun, your kids are so fun, i also noticed the bowl on his head and thought it to be "normal"! :)