Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Something woke me up at 4:20 a.m., not sure what, but I can't go back to sleep. Too much on my mind. I am kicking myself though, because I have a big, long list of things I should be doing today, and missing a few hours of sleep won't help with any of that. Oh well. If the rest of the world were up right now, I could get started. Why are you sleeping, people? I must remind myself that many of you are moms, and may be up with little children. How do I know which ones you are? Could I deliver Camille's trumpet to you for repair? Or Jake's trombone? He has festival today, and has to use a school trombone. He is not pleased. What about if I call you about my visiting teaching, one of you could be my companion, and the others could pretend we were visiting you. I could have my whole list taken care of by 6 and we could all go back to sleep. At least until it was time to get everyone up for school.


Becky said...

I could have been a help to you the last 2 nights! i was up with my aunt who is ill and was staying with me.
i am now greatly sleep deprived!
it would be nice to have a few more hours in the day---without taking them away from our nights!

Nanette said...

I am up. We are two hours ahead of you and I have insomia, so chances are I am available at any given time....if I can help, let me know.