Monday, July 26, 2010

Quirky Bits

Our Mitsy missed the girls so much while they were gone at camp.  She would wander the house and cry to be played with and petted.  When they returned, a couple of tired girls dumped their gear in the doorway and Mitsy made herself comfortable on it, glad they were back.  We missed them, but it sounds like Heber camp was great!
Also a story from Seth who is 3:  Yesterday evening, he told me he had a "Good Plan".  "What is your plan?" I asked.  "Tomorrow I will wake you up, and I will tell you to make brownies, and you WILL!" came the cute answer.  I put my hand up to slap him five and as he turned to go, I heard him say, "Good plan."


Karma said...

Cute!!! and a good plan :)

Natalie said...

The only part of the plan I didn't like was the forgetting to invite aunt Natalie over for the brownies! Oh, and I think an even better plan would be for us to wake-up to ALREADY MADE BROWNIES!!;) I love his dimples in the pic. So cute!!

The Land of the Blue Flower said...

i may use his good plan at our house. Will it work on kids?