Monday, July 19, 2010

And They're Off!

This morning we sent off to great adventures my three oldest children.  Leslie and Camille are off to Heber girl's camp.  This is the 6:45 a.m. footage.

Have a great time!  They will not be missing us.

Then, later it was time for the long awaited Jamboree departure.  Jake has been saving to do this for 3 summers now.  All of the boys were super excited.

Much clowning.

Jake's Patrol.  Our troop mascot (if you will) is the purple streamliner racing car.  All the patrols are named after auto parts.  This is the wiper patrol. :)
Here is the group.  36 boys, 4 leaders, watch out world!
They're on their way!


Natalie said...

So fun for all the kids to have somewhere exciting to go! So excited for the mom to have a semi-quieter house this week!;) Not so excited about all the laundry the girls will bring home for you to do though!:( Love ya!

Karma said...

How fun!! I would say your house will be pretty quiet but I know that you are left with mostly boys at home so probably quiet wouldn't be the word :) Hope they all have fun!!

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Why must he always leave me??? I love ya bro now im gonna go cry