Friday, July 9, 2010

Like a Chicken with My Head Cut Off

I'm not sure where time is going.  I am running here, there, every where.  Each time I turn around, my kitchen looks like the dishwasher has vomited and my living room floor is covered in a new form of outdoor/construction element by a new crop of little boys.  Jacob is home from Idaho.  We are trying frantically to get all of the gear he needs for his BIG JAMBOREE TRIP. He has been saving for this for 3 years now and we are here in crunch mode, getting ready for it.  We are both so excited (yeah, me too) our heads might explode. (Maybe they already did, maybe that is why I'm acting like I don't have one.)

When I slow down enough to notice, my cute kids are all in front of some kind of electronic device way too often.  Maybe we need an unplugged week.  I haven't clipped coupons for two weeks, much less done any "good" shopping.  I also feel lame because I should be getting my visiting teaching done and my reports in for church.  Everything take a number.  "Yes, your number really is 212, just wait!"

The trouble with all the running is that I keep looking behind me to see if something is actually getting accomplished.  It seems that no, nothing much is back there.  I had a serious round of depression the last week of June/first week of July, but that didn't accomplish anything.  June was made up of youth conference and Brighton camp for Camille and a week-long scout camp for Jake.  We keep passing around the bug repellent, sunscreen, etc. Out of one duffel bag and into the next.  The kids all had a great time!  I'm so thankful for their youth leaders and all of their sacrifices!

I did love our visit to the McAllisters over the 4th.  We went on Friday night for a movie and a sleepover.  Uncle Jared has a nifty projector, so we watched The Great Race on the wall, ate 12 quarts of popcorn, stayed up most of the night with one child or another, then woke up to Grandma Irene's incredible oatmeal pancakes.  We spent most of the next sleepy day together around puzzles with the children playing Little People in the cool basement.  It was nice to be together.

Yesterday I woke up to be first in line for a free haircut.  Oh, yeah!  I needed that!!! Feeling like I lost 10 lbs. (of hair). Then Miriam off to achievement days, a round of kids out the door to the orthodontist's free Raging Waters party.  Jacob's massive (serious, you could fit a body in it) duffel bag packed with all the stuff to ride across the country in the semi for the Jamboree.  Nate working on homework, frozen burritos for dinner and off to my Espanol class, Nate to his Sustainable Development class, Jake off to gather with his troop for bag check.  Home to the exploding house.  Nate off to help his mom, with some home repairs (yes, late at night). Pick up and vacuum the living room while brothers and sisters tuck in my littlest ones, then dishes until almost midnight.  Whew! When you schedule a child, you also schedule the mom.  Did I mention the stream of children in and out to play all day and the sweet visits I had from some friends that make the day slow down a bit, so I can smile?  I am grateful for my busy life.  I may have to wait a few years until I can look back and see the progress.  I think it is a work of many days accumulated, but we are accomplishing it a little at time.

Nathan has been waiting to hear about results of his job application with IMS Masonry.  He feels like he had a good interview with them.  He got perfect scores on the series of tests they had him take, and now he is waiting on reference checks.  It is a pins and needles business.  There are two other men in the running.  Do they have families praying for this job too? It is a bit heart breaking in our industry.  So many men with such a wonderful set of skills, sitting on the bench.  We hope to hear back soon.  Maybe even today.  When I think about it, I can't really get my hopes up, too devastating if the answer is No.  Just breathe.

Almost 8 a.m. and the house is still quiet.  My dishes are clean, if I put them away before breakfast, I can sit in a clean kitchen for a few minutes.  That would be nice.  "Now taking number 209!"


Becky said...

wow, you made it to 209 fast! I can ditto your whole post--change a few names here and there... summer is not what it was when they were all little and had to do just what I wanted when I wanted.... now they seem to have their own plans!!!

Kristen and Co. said...

What an amazing roller coaster this life is, eh? Sometimes I know these busy days are the good times, but sometimes I have to forcefully remind myself and wonder. Good luck on that job!!

Natalie said...

L.O.V.E. your post! It made me laugh and cry at the same time! It is SOOO how I feel so many times! I'm sure missing you and told Jake that one of these times I am going to drive myself to the Salt Lake Express to come visit....without kids!:) Love ya!

Karma said...

Oh Jenny - I LOVED your post. What wonderful, hectic, crazy, sweet, happy, stressful, etc. etc. days!!! When I am so overwhelmed I feel like crying, I just remind myself they will all be gone some day! I am not sure the quiet I crave now will be worth it then :)