Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spiders, Where?

Little boys are made with a bucket of energy, a shovel full of imagination, sprinkle on a sense of humor and stir with a stick.  Ethan told this story at the dinner table this week:
"Hey, Dad, I saw a big spider in the bushes, and he crawled on my shoe!  And then he crawled up my leg, and on my shirt, and then he crawled right up my nose!"
Nathan gave him the look that says, "You're full of it." 
Ethan tips his head to one side and smiles.  He knows he's caught, so he replys, "Well, I really did see a spider in the bushes, Dad."


Nanette said...

Oh my! Murdock found a bee the other day but unfortunately it was stuck to the bottom of his foot. I like this story much better-imagination is a sign of superior intelligence. :)

Natalie said...

:) Love it! I can just see that smile you are talking about! Dimples and all!!

Karma said...


AO said...

This made my morning....seriously.

Becky said...

good thing he was joking, huh!