Friday, May 21, 2010

Smelly Feet

A bit of a zany morning today, must be Friday.  Seth insisted on a big dill pickle for breakfast, Miriam had leftover soup.  Seth and Miriam called me in to check out their robot:
One with angry eyes and a mustache, the other is their happy face robot.

But what I've really come to talk about is feet!  Have any of the rest of you noticed that the soft glow emanating from a computer monitor or television hypnotizes children into taking their socks off?  Any time I start to get complaints that someone can't find socks, I glean from under the computer desk and around the TV armloads of socks.  This malady seems to be no respecter of age or gender.  They're all there (dad's too.)  But, summer is coming!!! I adore the days of slipping into sandals instead of hunting down socks!
My children have developed various survival skills regarding socks.  Caleb, for instance, can ruin a pair of socks in two hours time.  New, to destroyed.  So he is often wanting.  His favorite tactic is called Hyena Feet.  This means that he puts his shoes on without socks and comes home with feet and shoes smelling like a hyena.  Jacob scrounges for any socks in his size.  Mine. Dad's. Leslies, if he can stretch them enough.  Mismatched are OK too, as long as you can't tell when they are in the shoes. (I must confess, he gets this from me, being a tactic I employ if I can't find matchers for one kid or another.)  Most of the other children are not so self sufficient, and whine to mom for help.  That is my cue for harvesting socks, sown in laziness. Of course it also signals the end of the school year.  Most of my children have no knees left in their jeans, stains on every T-shirt and holey socks. It is a wonder it all doesn't self destruct at once and leave them naked in public!
Come on, summer weather!!! We are running out of socks!


Nanette said...

We have the exact same problem at my house, only it's just my sweet husband's socks that go all the way of the earth. It drives me nutso but its the price you pay for being a mechanic's wife I suppose.
Fingers are crossed for a speedy return of summer!!!

Karma said...

That made me smile. I have to add around the trampoline - at my house socks end up in the grass and then get carried off by dogs :) My dogs LOVE socks!! Yes, please come summer weather so none of us have to care about where the socks are or where they end up!!!

Wendy said...

The end of the school year is getting oh-so-close, but the weather does not seem to want to warm up. Snow today? Really? I'm not one to complain about the weather. I know it will all right itself at some point. But I really wanted to do yard work today...without socks!

Natalie said...

I love all the smell feet info you've shared. Dallin and Caleb are SOOO THE SAME...Dallin can ruin a brand new sock during the 1st wearing.