Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miriam Turns Eight!

Miriam turned eight years old on May 1st!  She is my May Day baby, and I always think she was given the clear May sky for eyes.  The exciting thing about this year, is her birthday was on the same day as her baptism.

This is Miriam with her Grandpa Jacobson ready to be baptized. We are so happy for you, Sweetheart!

This is Miriam's cake plus cousins, friends and especially brothers to help her with the very big task of eating it! We are all happy at this point. But there is one sad note to the weekend: remember this guy? My nice new potty is clogged again.  Might as well just flush a little boy down it once a year or so.  I told Seth after dinner on Friday that he needed a bath.  Then I stayed visiting with my parents, until the children began to yell, "Seth's Naked!"  He was indeed.  He also had a bit of toothpaste on his face, so I went to investigate.  He had been busy!  My bathtub had been carefully smeared with bright blue, bubblegum toothpaste in a thick layer.  Counting to ten, I cleaned it up, and began to fill a tub for Seth, when I realized there was water on the floor, and it couldn't be related to the toothpaste play.  I questioned Seth, and he told me he had flushed a bottle from a container of bubbles down the toilet.  I have tried, but I cannot reach it.  Down again!!!  I hate being short on toilets, especially this one, because then the three youngest boys come in my room to use mine. Ugh. Bleah! Any ideas on fixing this one without spending another $150 for a new toilet would be appreciated!


Nanette said...

Oh I wish I had some words of wisdom for broken toilets...mostly I just cry-which only seems to add to the problem.
Oh Happy 8th to your sweet girl-she is a gem!

Karma said...

Miriam is such a beautiful girl!! That is really fun to have a baptism/birthday :) As far as toilets go - I usually say, "Sccccooooottttt" He makes everything better! What is it with boys and toilets - Craig once flushed a cell phone down one :(

Karma said...
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Becky said...

rip it off, and snake it backwards??? we just replaced our toilet last weekend! bummer.
congrats to miriam, don't want her to be overshadowed by a toilet!