Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recent Events

I do love digital cameras, but sometimes they encourage people to take photos that are much too candid! We tried to get a decent photo of the family on this bench. This is the best one of Seth. It is also more accurate as to what the family looks and acts like. :) We were missing Jacob, as he was home with the flu. So, you are all my witnesses that I will go and have a family picture taken while we all still have semi-matching clothes that fit!!!! (Remind me, ok?)
This is Caleb and his cousin Jonathan making faces for me.

Waiting for Uncle Paul and Aunt Nelda to have their photos taken at the Salt Lake Temple.

Ethan celebrated his 5th birthday the same weekend as the wedding. He is taller than Miriam and most of her buddies. He loves to be outside and provides a great deal of comic relief for our family. We Love, Love you Buddy!

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Natalie said...

cute wedding clothes. I think Rhett is taller than most 6 year olds too...except his brother Dallin who is taller than most 7 year olds. We just grow them big! nothin' wrong with that!