Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Things

Seth spent an afternoon in his swim suit last week, and I discovered him in the kitchen with a knife, intently spreading peanut butter on his tummy. :) I have never tried this, but I love peanut butter for so many other things, that I am intrigued.

I have developed a new pet peeve. I hate stepping over things. This is most likely not new, just intensified of late. My three youngest boys think that summer is when you sleep in the hall under the blowing air from the swamp cooler. Ethan sleeps with a nest of about 5 blankets, one is a fat California King size comforter, another is about 5 yards of hot pink fuzzy fabric that he claimed when it came and the world relinquished it, and an assortment of crib sized blankets. Every morning I haul the pile back into his room, and every night he pulls it right back onto the floor in the hall. So, anytime late night or early morning, I have to step over Ethan and blankets, Caleb's head (he sleeps with his body in his room, head out), and Seth at the end of the hall. Seth sleeps with an assortment of toys and construction left-overs. A few lengths of trim, dad's measuring tape, this kind of thing. His nest is potentially hazardous to step over!

My basement is in step-over mode right now too. I was planning to rally the cleaning crew yesterday, but was attacked by a severe free floating anxiety complex, and so we are stepping over for one more day. (Scarlett and I both agreed to worry about it tomorrow.) Summer means stepping over in the yard, bikes parked on the sidewalk in front of the steps. Who trained these children?! I blame it on their dad. :)

Nathan actually cleaned up one of the step-overs yesterday, the wood piled on my side yard is much diminished for he stacked it neatly behind the shed. Go, Honey!

Now I am off to tackle the basement ones. If no one hears from me in a few hours, send only helpers who have long legs.


Nanette said...

My legs are 3 feet 8 inches-they are at your service.

Natalie said...

Oh you funny girl and your funny boys that sleep in the hall. My children are also sleeping in odd areas of the house. I have to make sure I know where they are each night before I go to bed incase of a crazy night emergency - I just hope when I am 1/2 asleep during the emergency I can remember where they really are.:)

Becky said...

what is a free floating anxiety complex. if it means you cant bear to clean-- i have it too!