Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures in hair gel, and other goopy moments.

Yesterday, I watched a movie with an uptight leading lady, and feeling some anxiety about being a control freak myself, had to retire to my room for a time, until the guilt subsided. I was there for about 15 min, when Seth came to show me that he had yucky hands. I washed them off, not sure what was on them, but thinking he had been into the soft soap, I went to investigate. I found that he had taken my pastry brush and my pastry roller, and used them to paint the piano and its bench with a thick layer of hair gel. Jacob keeps a huge jar of this stuff in the main bathroom to impress the ladies, and Seth is an opportunist. After cleaning the bathroom cabinets the floor, the carpet, Jacob's bedroom door and the piano and bench, I went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Without fanfare, I will just tell you that a few minutes later, Ethan knocked a jar of alfredo sauce off the counter, and it smashed on the floor. So, I cleaned the goopy sauce and smashed glass off of the floor, toe board and stove, then off the dustpan and sink. Another jar of sauce up from the basement and we are working on dinner once again. This time, it was my fault. I put the uncovered jar in my microwave to heat it. There was a terrific explosion, and half the sauce had lifted itself into the air and all over the top of the microwave. Gross!!!! Why is this happening to me!?! I poured what was left of the sauce over the noodles, and shut the microwave and called dinner. No one came for a while, then when they did come, they were grumping about having to help set the table. I realized that I had to clean the microwave to heat the rest of dinner, so opened it again and waded into the third slippery mess of the hour. Let us just say, that I am not always nice under these circumstances. When we finally got everyone around the table and the food on, Ethan bowed his head and prayed that mom would grow up to be a nicer mom. Sigh. I hope so too, son.
So, moral of this story, is the Lord knows I am a control freak and has given me seven children to prove to me that I can control zip. Zero. Nada. Not even my own temper, except that one he expects me to work on!!!


Natalie said...

I must admit that I laughed really hard that Ethan wanted you to grow up to be a nicer mom. I guess you can look at it as - all sticky, nasty, slippery messes came within the same hour so it didn't take up your whole day.:) I tell Ry quite often that being the mom is not the "FUN" job.

Jenny said...

OK, but Natalie, the fluffy mess was earlier. The little boys scattered a whole bundle of stuffing all over their bedroom and my big sewing room yesterday too.

Nanette said...

Momma said there'd be days like this. Sorry to hear about the drama.
Come stay with me for a weekend, I will give you a pedicure. I am a firm believer in the power of cute toes-they make it possible to get through the things uncontrollable.

Becky said...

your posts always make me laugh. you need to write a book or something call it "if lifes a bowl of cherries how come mines the pits" or something less plagiarizing (that was a favorite of ours wasn't it?)
i hope that when i grow up i am a nicer, funner, cleaner mom too. but i think i am maturing at the same pace as my kids-- and the youngest is 3!

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

Makes my days with Collin seem so very tame.

Sparverius said...

And yet you are still able to write about it all in a way that just makes us all laugh...I love that perspective, even if in the moment you want to kill something.