Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quagmire Ahead

I am going to vent a little, or a lot. It probably won't be pretty, so brace yourself or quit reading. I will be fine when I am done, no action is required. :)
Jacob has swine flu. I don't love this. He is such a sick fellow right now! He has had a high fever and chills, aches, and some vomitting. Ugh.
Nathan is battling depression and fear. Me too. Unemployment pretty much stinks.
Paul's wedding is this week. I have been so excited for him! I hate that we are now diseased. You pretty much feel like a pariah. No one really wants you and your germs around. Ugh.
I am too tired to summon much in the way of happy feelings. Sleep and sick children are mutually exclusive.
This had better not mess with my Jacobson Reunion!!!! I get to see my family so very little.
So, Vitamin C all around, prayer, Lysol, drugs, face masks, hand washing plus sanitizer. We are going to get through this!
Seth just follows me to whine right now. I keep thinking he must be sick, but it seems to be just connected to mom. This is his new chosen mode of communication with me. I guess it is alright, I speak fluent Whine. What really makes me nuts is his need to be touching me, or on my lap, etc. while he whines. This is the POWER WHINE. Ugh.
Rats! Sigh. Bleah.


Nanette said...

Heaven Bless You!!!
I am glad you got that out, one shouldn't carry such things around for long.
Prayers and a cyber hug is what I have to offer you.
I am not sure what a cyber hug looks like....<*> There, I just invented one. You should be happy to know that you inspired the cyber hug. Its nice to be inspiring. :)

Sabra said...

Oh no! That really, really, really stinks! Hope it does not spread and he gets over it quick! So sorry!

And the whiney child! AH! That drives me nuts more than about anything when my children go through that phase!

Good luck! I pray very often that Nathan will find a job.

Jenny said...

Thanks. Cousins are so awesome to have!!!

Becky said...

uuughh! i can't believe it!! the swine flu and the whine flu al lin the same week! unfair for sure! side note; i am glad i didn 't come visit last weekend!
tell nate to just come visit dave- that always lifts his spirits!

AmyJo Denise said...

I too send cyber hugs & prayers for you guys!

Sparverius said...

I love that you speak fluent Whine.