Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sledding, and Other Happenings

I'm not even sure where the time has gone since Thanksgiving!  I did make it home to Idaho for a visit with my family.  The children and I faced the slick roads alone, and the longest time it has ever taken me to make the trek.  We spent an hour and a half between Fort Hall and Idaho Falls!  But it was worth it!  Good to see family and wonderful to go black Friday shopping with my sisters and Diane!  We left Dubois at 3 am to be at Target in Idaho Falls by 4!  We hit 12 stores and started the drive home at about 1 pm.  Crazy and fun and good deals!  We were able to join Natalie's family for Dallin's baptism and I saw my aunt Vonda there.  She is one of my favorite people. :) Nathan stayed home to work on homework and have Thanksgiving with his family.  We missed him and he missed us, but Rex was glad to not be left entirely marooned.

After Thanksgiving came my birthday.  But Miriam had oral surgery that day and I'm not even sure where my birthday went!  A bit sad, really.  I was remembered by several friends and that was nice.  And I treated myself to Death By Chocolate cake which makes everything alright.  Miriam was swollen for 3 days and we didn't even get any photos!  Poor thing, but now she is back to feeling well and it is all behind us.  (If you are interested, she didn't grow several of her baby teeth and made up for it by forming extra permanent teeth, so now that she has had 6 teeth extracted, she should be left with something our orthodontist can work with. :)

Now I find myself in the midst of Christmas!  Camille's band concert was last week and we have attended two Christmas parties at the church.  I think I am just about finished with the shopping.  Phew!  It is always a big sigh of relief when that part is over.  Now I am still working on a few gifts that I am making, then will come the FOOD!  (Guess which part is my favorite?) 

Last Saturday we took a few minutes to go sledding at the park with the kids.  We had a nice time. I only traversed the hill once and then insisted on staying at the bottom to take pictures. :)
 Jake and Caleb make a train.
 Leslie with her braids flying!
Another train, quite popular this season.

Jake and Seth

 Seth and Nathan
 Ethan was afraid to get on the sled, so he would slide down the hill on his bum. Ouch!
No photos of Miriam and Camille because they went out before us, and were ready to come in before we arrived.  Just imagine them at home making cocoa.

Photographer.  Disheveled, splotchy, but for the record, I was there. :)


Natalie said...

Cute update! Sledding looks super fun! My kids have been beggin to go....we kinda have that icy snow now and that doesn't sound fun to me.

Kristen and Co. said...

I like the hair!!

Wendy said...

Sledding at Vista? Sounds fun.

Karma said...

Oh Jenny you look beautiful!!! I love seeing pictures of you - you look like the you I remember and another person I don't know all mixed together :0 Looks like the sledding was fun!