Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho! Who Wouldn't Go?

Today Seth's preschool class had a special visitor.  I think this is Seth's first experience up close and personal with Santa.  He was a little shy, but not enough to keep him away.  He told Santa he wanted a Batman mask.  Santa told Seth that he was a Batman fan too. :)

It was interesting to me to be in the classroom with the children.  Santa had a gift for each of them and would call them up by name.  "Atticus", he called out (a good, strong-sounding name, I thought).  But where was Atticus?  Clinging to his mother's neck at the back of the room, not willing to get closer than 15 feet from the red suit.  Other children were sweet to watch.  One little girl was so trusting, just like Santa was an old friend, went to the front with awe and belief so prevalent in her face it made me get teary eyed.  What a precious thing!  Such trust and belief are fleeting in childhood, I just wish I could hold on to that for my children a little longer.  Merry Christmas, Seth!  And all of my children, big and small.  I can't wait to spend another holiday with you.  You fill all my days with joy!


Natalie said...

How could that smile not fill you with joy? Super cute!

Becky said...

that is just sweet. I love this season, expecially with young kid. will it be as fun when they are all old?

Karma said...

that post made me tear up :) Thanks for sharing!