Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jake and Rex and the Snow

Some of you know that Jacob aspires to be an Arctic explorer, or something almost as adventurous.  He has been sleeping out in the back yard in a tent for two weeks now, and last night was the first snow on the tent.  This is what it looks like this morning:

I'm just glad the tree didn't drop that limb on him!  He says he slept quite well.  We have a foot of new snow this morning and there is much rejoicing. 

 Rex seems particularly fond of the snow.  Jake will make a snowball and throw it for Rex to fetch.  Rex tears off after it, and then has to nose around in the snow trying to find it. :) Cute dog.
Best Friends Forever.


Nanette said...

What a good looking boy you have! I can't believe he is sleeping outside!!! Brave guy!

The Land of the Blue Flower said...

Crazy boyz…. not sure which is more insane the dog or the kid. HAHA love the snow pics. we are supposed to be 75 degrees today. i am missing the snow.


Natalie said...

OH MY WORD!! Nobody told be I had to set-up the tent for Jake to sleep in when he comes to my house! I can't believe he has been sleeping in the backyard for 2 weeks....what a funny boy!! We CANNOT wait to see you!! Oh, and we have a TON of snow - Jake and even Rex would be in heaven!:)

Becky said...

WHAT! sleeping outside for 2 weeks! that is ......Nate's boy! :)
good luck with that!